• Welcome to The East Sussex Soaring Association

      ESSA was formed in 1976 with two objectives. Firstly, to promote the flying of radio controlled gliders on East Sussex downland and, secondly, to work with the BMFA and landowners to ensure continued use of these slopes for slope flying.
      We also have a licence with the National Trust which gives members the use of a tow/winch launch site for most of the year.

      New Chairman Of The South East BMFA

      Stuart Willis is our new chairman of the south east BMFA.

      You may say SO!!!! But this guy is bringing some well needed enthusiasm to the roll and is planning some VERY positive changes. Watch this space http://www.sebmfa.org.uk/.

      How to join ESSA

      Please use the details on the contact us page for Membership enquiries

      or download a copy of our ESSA Flyer 2013

      ESSA 2014 Competition date

      We have now set dates for 2014

      Click on Calendar

      Cross Country?

      Dave Cox has produced an excellent review of some of the Cross Country flights available in the area. Use the menu on the left or click here for more.

      Conduct when using 2.4Ghz

      The increasing use of 2.4 is having some unintended consequences for other users, particularly those using 35 MHz.

      Firstly, do take care if you are a 2.4 user and also  a 35 user, especially on the same day. It is very easy to stop flying on 2.4, pick up another model on 35 and forget all about frequency control. It has caught two club members out so please do take care and check round all users or use the peg board.

      Secondly, there have been two recent incidents, both on the same day, when the main group have been flying on, say, the higher west slope at Longman and others have approached and stopped at the SW bowl to fly. When approached the flyers on the SW bowl have said “Its OK we are on 2.4”. This may be OK for them but how do the flyers on the high west slope know that. They may be forced to land on the assumption that the other guys may be undisciplined users of 35. So please check out other groups who may be flying anywhere near you.

      There is a further point that recent entrants to model flying may be using 2.4 and have no understanding of 35 frequency control issues.