Buy - Sell or Freebies

      If you have anything (aeromodelling wise) that you wish to buy, sell or give away as a Freebie the please contact Pete or Ray and it will be placed here.  

       A member has given up flying due to health and the following is looking for a good home

      All that is left is switch harnesses, surface horns, servo horns clevises metal and plastic, push rods, nuts,  Heat shrink iron - works ok. Lead for ballast. contact Ray 07931 363 493     

      Wanted  - A foam flying wing, Wild Thing or similar. For a potential new member Contact Tom on 07957 703 707 

      Futaba T10C transmitter  £150.00  (Freq 2.4 plus Spectrum rf module)
      Contact Pete Burgess 07930 424185

      Julian is selling a bunch of stuff due to lack of use...

      Lots sold :-) Just a couple remaining.
      Dynamic D40 DS plane (same as https://www.t9hobbysport.com/dynamic-d40-dynamic-d40---green - but white | yellow | blue) - Needs a puff to fly and the linkage has snapped off the elevator (easy fix). TOUGH airframe if slightly tricky to fly due to size! - £275
      Highlight 2M - This is the one plane I would hold onto as you can't get them anymore (I believe)... Fuz has a rather clumsy 'snap' repair which could be corrected, the wing needs some film attention, but even so, this is a quality easy to fly glider that has superb slope and thermal capabilities very similar to https://rc-sailplane.com/niki/tony/tonny_sasayama_ds.jpg - £150
      All above ONO.
      07968 546760 or julian@barkweb.co.uk