Buy - Sell or Freebies

      If you have anything (aeromodelling wise) that you wish to buy, sell or give away as a Freebie the please contact Pete or Ray and it will be placed here.  

      Slingsby T21b scale glider. One fifth scale. Eleven feet span. Three channels. Has spoilers but disabled. Colour silver. Cockpit with bucket seats pilots screens pitot head etc. Pictures on request. £100. Ray 07931 363 493

      Mistral 2.5M semi scale glider. Needs six channels. Fitted with spoilers. Pictures on request. £60  Ray as above

      Twenty copies of RCME. Various dates 2007 to 2019. Swop for similar. Ray 07931 363 493

      Julian is selling a bunch of stuff due to lack of use...

      Lots sold :-) Just a couple remaining.
      Dynamic D40 DS plane (same as https://www.t9hobbysport.com/dynamic-d40-dynamic-d40---green - but white | yellow | blue) - Needs a puff to fly and the linkage has snapped off the elevator (easy fix). TOUGH airframe if slightly tricky to fly due to size! - £275
      Highlight 2M - This is the one plane I would hold onto as you can't get them anymore (I believe)... Fuz has a rather clumsy 'snap' repair which could be corrected, the wing needs some film attention, but even so, this is a quality easy to fly glider that has superb slope and thermal capabilities very similar to https://rc-sailplane.com/niki/tony/tonny_sasayama_ds.jpg - £150
      All above ONO.
      07968 546760 or julian@barkweb.co.uk