• ESSA Flying Sites - Butts Lane

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      Wind directions - N, E, SE

      Butts Lane is the name of the steep road that leads to the top of the downs at Willingdon,Eastbourne,Just off the A22 on the road from Polegate to Eastbourne.

      On arrival you will find good parking and easy access to three/ four flying sites...east North east/ North/ and South easterly directly over the willingdon golf course, and another south east over by the east bowl.

      The East bowl is very good with good landing areas and when a nice 15mph wind is blowing some very good lift attainable. A word of caution on this site as it is very popular with walkers etc and therefore extra care need to be taken when landing. 

      The Northeast bowl is around on the next ridge and again is very good for slope soaring and an excellent landing area with a good sheltering spot behind the bushes for the pits on a cold winters day. It has good views of approaching walkers also.

      The South East slope is where there is a choice...you can either go over to the memorial by the golf course (ESSA main choice ) or to the north of the east bowl you can get some reasonable lift but the landing area is a bit tight as there is a fence running to the rear if you go back too far on landing approach.

      The memorial site is favoured as the lift is better,however tight landings are required as there are some bushes to the rear which are often frequented by dog walkers..so as always check before landing..safety is the clubs major rule.

      Just a word about the car park which unless you are an Eastbourne resident and have the required card to display in your window you will have to pay and display. Currently it costs £1-20 for 2hours,and don't think of chancing it as the warden checks regularly and will hit you with a ticket which will cost you £25.