• 2019 Competition Results

      Cross country 2 June 2019

      This was a challenging course set by Allen. Eight members entered. Five flags were set up from the reservoir almost to the top of Windover Hill plus a slopeside spot landing.

      John Phillips 70 points,

      Mark Heffer 68 points

      John Stuckle 62 points.

      Peter Burgess 60 points

      Peter Newman 60 points 

      Allen Elliott 48 points

      Mark Cornwall 34 points 

      Ray Wells 32 points

      The course and the conditions resulted in generally a low number of turns behind the flags. Several competitors went too far back and landed without intention. John S and Ray had a mid air, no damage, and an appeal was made for bonus points for entertainment value but the appeal was turned down.

      Thanks to Allen for a good but demanding morning out.

      F3F  8th September

      Another challenging competition due to light conditions, flown on the North bowl at Butts brow

      We give special thanks to John Stuckle flying a two channel floater, Mick Robinson flying a Middle Phase and Mark Heffer flying the Wildthing. Without these committed club members there would not have been enough competitors to run a comp.

      1 John Phillips 1000.0
      2 Peter Burgess 926.61
      3 Allen Elliott 818.19
      4 Ray Wells 643.46
      5 Mick Robinson 638.06
      6 Mark Heffer 629.78
      7 John Stuckle 525.02

      Fastest time: 45.7 by John Phillips in round 4

      Aerobatics  6th October

      Great conditions 15-20 mph on the west slope at Longman with clear skies, unfortunately due to the forecast only turning around Saturday night, we had a very poor turn out of 3!! As we were running out of time this year we decided to run the competition. Pete Burgess flew his Aresti  with considerable skill taking a well deserved 1st 

      1st Pete Burgess 183 points

      2nd Allen Elliott 175 points

      3rd Ray Wells 99 Points

      Southdown Trophy

               Cross Country   F3F          Aerobatics                      Total
      Peter Burgess   1st 857 927 1000 2784
      Allen Elliott    2nd 686 818 956 2460
      John Phillips   3rd 1000 1000   2000
      Ray Wells   4th 457 643 541 1642
      Mark Heffer   5th 971 630   1601
      John Stuckle   6th 886 525   1411
      Peter Newman    7th 857     857
      Mick Robinson    8th   638   638
      Mark Cornwall   9th 486     486