• 2019 Competition Results

      Cross country 2 June 2019

      This was a challenging course set by Allen. Eight members entered. Five flags were set up from the reservoir almost to the top of Windover Hill plus a slopeside spot landing.

      John Phillips came first with 70 points, Mark Heffer second with 68 points and third John Stuckle with 62 points. Rest of the field was Peter Burgess with 60 and Peter Newman with 60, Allen with 48,Mark Cornwall with 34 and Ray with 32.

      The course and the conditions resulted in generally a low number of turns behind the flags. Several competitors went too far back and landed without intention. John S and Ray had a mid air, no damage, and an appeal was made for bonus points for entertainment value but the appeal was turned down.

      Thanks to Allen for a good but demanding morning out.