• 2020 Competition Results


      Fun Fly 26th July 2020

      A great day, conditions were good, but became a little crossed, making the limbo quite tricky as the day went on, Unfortunate turnout for what became a real laugh, Allen ending up loosing his WT over the back leading to an enjoyable treasure hunt too, Dave won the treasure hunt but no points granted, tight CD, Matts impressive roll rate and limbo skills took him in to the lead with ease 

      Matt            64pts

      Allen           59pts

      Pete B         48pts

      Dave Cox   26pts

      Peter  Newman         15pts


      F3F  27th September 2020

      The competition was flow on the far corner of the NNW bowl over the Longman, We had very strong gusts in the 40's and after a few technical issues and plane issues we started the 1st round very late and only managed 2 round, my thanks to all pilots that made the effort to come and to manage the very long walk.

      Jason B    1000pts

      John P      927pts

      Allen         827pts

      Pete N      487pts

      Mark D     442 pts


      Aerobatics  11th October

      The competition was flown on the North bowl at Butts Brow, the wind started off quite scratchy and a little off to the west, but as the day went on the conditions got better, it was quite tricky conditions for an Aerobatic but we had a great turn out and everyone gave it the best shot. really great comp

      John Philips             191pts

      Allen Elliott               175pts

      Matt Herbert             167pts

      Peter Burgess          160pts

      Mark Heffer              137pts

      Pete Newman          113pts

      John Stuckle            93pts

      Ray Wells                81pts

      Jeff C                       61pts


      Cross Country 15th November 2020


      Southdown Trophy