• About ESSA

      ESSA was formed in 1976 by a group of local slope soaring model glider enthusiasts with two objectives in mind:-

      1. to promote the flying of radio controlled gliders on the East Sussex Downland.
      2. to work with the BMFA and local landowners to ensure continued use of the hills for slope soaring.

      ESSA is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and a condition of ESSA membership (see Club Rules) is that all members have BMFA membership (BMFA membership includes third party accident insurance) Due to agreements between the BMFA SE area and local landowners we can only accept BMFA insurance.  BMFA membership can be obtained through the club.

      ESSA has a licence with the National Trust which gives members the use of a tow/winch launch site for nine months of the year.

      ESSA runs local club events and competitions which can include F3F (glider racing), aerobatics, cross country and FunFly. These events count towards an annual points competition. When possible, ESSA hosts a round of the BMFA national F3F competition.

      ESSA can provide informal advice, guidance and tuition for new slope flyers as necessary. We can help with getting you set up with your own model and giving you a start on the slope or we can offer basic training or taster sessions using a buddy box dual control arrangement.

      General Notes:
      The ESSA flying sites all have public access, therefore please fly sensibly and safely and be careful when and where you fly and land.
      If you are not flying watch out on behalf of members who are flying. Pay particular attention to para/hang gliders if they are operating.
      When landing at crowded sites or where public footpaths have to be overflown, get another member to accompany you, to assist in looking out for people, cattle and horses.
      ESSA Club Forum:
      The subject of an ESSA club forum has been raised in the past, however, we have decided not to get directly involved as such for two reasons:
      1, It is a lot more work
      2, an ESSA forum already exists on Radio Control Model Fliers (RCMF) website (where all the hard work is done for us) - Visit the ESSA Forum here
      The BARCS website and forums cater for most general soaring matters (See the Links page) (30/1/15)