East Sussex Soaring Association (ESSA)
      Fully affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers Ltd)


      The object of the Association is to encourage the flying of Model Radio Controlled Gliders and protect the interests of such fliers and ensure the continued availability of the slopes in the area covered.
      The area covered by the Association is generally considered to be that enclosed by the River Ouse to the west, the A27 road to the North, the A22 road and Eastbourne to the East, but also to include the hill known as Mt. Caburn to the immediate East of Lewes.


      The Committee will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting to consist of:- Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary and three Committee Members.
      Subscriptions will be fixed at each Annual General Meeting for the ensuing year and are payable as at the 31st December of the current year for the ensuing year. Membership will expire on 31st January.
      All club members must be members of the British Model Flying Association.
      Only fully paid up members of the Association will be entitled to use the Association’s facilities.
      Membership is at the discretion of the Committee in two classes:
      Seniors –  age 18 or over as of the 1st January of the current year of application.
      Juiniors – age 17 and under as of the 1st January of the current year of application.


      Members are required to fly their models with care and consideration for other members and models, members of the public and animals. In particular:
      Be aware of  walkers, mountain bike riders and horses. Use a spotter if there are other people on the slope.
      Try to keep clear of livestock (although livestock may not always keep clear of you!).
      Members involved in any accident or claim involving model aircraft must not admit liability and should report the facts of the incident, with the names and addresses of persons concerned, to the ESSA Secretary immediately if available, otherwise directly to the BMFA. (For BMFA see Links)
      Motor Vehicles must not be driven up the tracks to or on the Downs and parking must be in recognised areas.
      All gates must be closed at all times and extreme care exercised when negotiating fences.
      Try to avoid climbing fences and make use of stiles even if it means a longer walk.
      Wherever possible, models must not be landed in growing crops and great care must be exercised when recovering models not to cause damage to crops or trespass on private property.
      Public footpaths and bridleways must not be obstructed.
      No litter or model debris to be left at flying sites.
      Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES use the NE slopes at Longman, which overlook Folkington. Or the west facing slope at Butts East.
      9. Do not try to land in, or make a low pass over, the 'pits' area.
      35mhz Channel Operation:
      If using 35mhz it is the member's responsibility to check if there are any other 35 users and for these users to manage frequency allocation between themselves.