• ESSA Flying Sites - Crowlink East Dean

      For a map - click here

      Wind directions: Any, but a little slope lift can be found in a SW

      Yes we go there to fly sometimes. Usually on a warm summers day equipped with bungees etc. Be aware that only ESSA members are licenced by the NT to fly there.

      Turn south down the lane by the church until you reach the carpark at the end, dont forget to pay and display if you are not a National Trust member.

      Walk through the gate and head south east to the centre of the field. The exact extent of the area in which we are licenced to fly has been queried. If in doubt speak to the secretary.

      Remember, we would not advise flying alone with a bungee due to trip hazards for walkers

      DO NOT fly during lambing season. It has been agreed with the tenant, Richard Gorringe, that this includes March, April and May. He also asks that during hot weather we do not inhibit the sheep's access to the water troughs.