• ESSA Flying Sites - Beachy Head

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      Wind directions - SE

      Yes we go there to fly sometimes!

      Park and cross the road for the SE slope, the main flying slope is grass covered and overlooks Eastbourne. Flying off the cliffs is also possible, just make sure you have charged your batteries!

      Particular attantion should be made to the general public as this spot can get very crowded on a nice sunny day, landing can be quite difficult if it is busy, so plan your flight well and look for a secluded spot before you launch. Landing areas near the tree line can give nasty rotor so try and walk back towards the road, of course avoid the traffic at all costs.

      This site is also very popular with Paragliders and the occasional Hang Glider, talk to them before you fly and they will shout at you less.

      Due to the nature of this site, its popularity and its varied use BMFA insurance is essential.